Food Tips For Bad Moods

When you are in a bad mood, you usually care less about anything else but yourself. The littlest things can cause you to erupt or to close down, both in the extremes. It is not something to joke about. These emotions may be chemically induced in your brain. They can be associated with the food […]

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Why Should Kids Avoid Nitrates and Nitrites in Food

There are many food items available in the market that try to cater to your children, but if you read the labels you see way too many ingredients you wonder whether they are natural and should you feed it to your kids. Among such ingredients are compounds ending with “nitrate” and “nitrite.” These two chemical […]

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Tomato The Wonder Food

Proper nutrition should not depend on food fads. While many people easily get into the health food trend bandwagon as a way to stay fit and healthy, there are common foods that many people overlook that may offer the same benefits. One example is the tomato. Many people will not give the tomato a second […]

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Common Food And Diet Myths

When it comes to food and diet, most people usually follow what they thought is common knowledge. But the truth is, some of them can actually be just myths instead of being the actual facts. Here are some of the more common food and diet myths that people should be aware about. Myth 1: Low […]

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