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Reading food labels is one of the most essential skills dieters need to take into heart. Those who take their weight loss seriously should looks into each food product and check its contents for discrepancies in actual caloric consumption, amounts of sugar and fat, and inclusion of controversial ingredients. Fooducate makes the tedious task of label reading a bit more easy and fun.

The heart of Fooducate–which works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad–is the bar code scanning feature Just have the device’s camera hover over the bar code and the app reveals lots of information about the product, as well as its good and bad points. For instance, the app would reveal that a product labeled as “whole grain” may not be 100% whole grain, or that it contains the controversial BHT food additive. The products are graded from A to D, thus giving you an idea which products are highly recommended for your health’s sake.

There are multiple ways to connect to Fooducate, either by creating a Fooducate account, logging in with your Facebook account, or simply use the app as a guest. No method has more benefits to users or additional access than the other.

The only downside with this app is that while its database of products reaches up to 200,000, users from outside North American may not receive label information for its local products.

Fooducate is available for free (with ads) on iTunes, or go ad-free with the $ 3.99 Fooducate Plus.
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