The Weight-to-Pant-Size Ratio How Much You Need to Lose

One motivation that gets people to lose weight is to be able to fit into the pants they could wear years ago. You see them at the bottom of your drawer and you can give it away for charity, but you still cling on to them in hopes that one day they would fit your thighs like a glove.

So how much weight you need to shed to drop a pants size? The general rule is that you need to lose around 10 pounds, but that is not easy as it sounds.

Earn a caloric deficit – You need to burn more calories than you have consumed. Without those extra calories, your body utilizes your stored fat for energy, which causes fat cells to shrink. Do note that you need to consume just the right amount of calories, between 1,200 and 1,600, so you won’t suffer from starvation.

Where weight loss begins – We often hear people complain about how their waist do not shrink no matter how much weight they lose. The fact is that weight loss, at first, is much more noticeable in your face, neck, and arms. Continue with your weight loss plans and you will notice the difference in your waist.

Track your weight loss – The 10-pounds-per-pant-size ratio is just an approximation. You may still need to lose more or less before you can fit your thighs into those smaller jeans. The best way to keep you from steering away from your weight loss plans is to track your weight loss, noting when you will be able to fit those skinny jeans.

Motivation is key – Whether you plan on losing 15 or 150 pounds off your body, you need motivations along your journey for a smaller, fitter body. Apart from your long-term goal, create smaller milestones that will help you remain focused and motivated. Consider rewarding yourself with a shopping spree for some new clothes when you drop a pant size, even if you have clothes in your closet that fit.

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