Lose Weight with Advice From Dr Oz

Losing weight is always a challenge for many people. It takes some discipline and motivation in order to achieve and do successfully. It also pays to have the help of people like Dr. Oz of that popular Dr. Oz Show. To those who are fans, Dr. Oz is popular for providing a wealth of healthy advice, most especially for losing weight or following a healthy lifestyle. Here is some of the advice that Dr. Oz has provided through the years that you might want to follow in your own adventure to lose weight.

Practice Portion Control

One of the effective ways of controlling and even losing weight is practicing portion control on the food that you eat. Having the means to control the amount of food or snacks you eat can also help in weight control. When you want to exercise portion control, one effective way is by making it a habit of preparing snacks you eat in individual baggies scheduled for eating at the right snacking intervals.

Consider Red Pepper In Your Diet

Eating red pepper is effective in not only revving up your metabolism. It can also help curb down your appetite. Make sure that you have some bit of red pepper flakes at home to use when eating. Having them in the morning can help curb down your cravings for food for the rest of the day.

Exercise During The Weekends

Some people follow a weight loss regimen that have them going to the gym during weekdays. Their schedules usually do not include the weekends when people tend to rest. But the danger here is that it gives people the opportunity to eat more since they have the day or two off and may not have anything else to do but it. That is why a Dr. Oz advice is that continue preparing for the weekend just as you do on the weekdays. Have your schedules gym time set during the weekends. Have your meals prepared and portioned ahead of time. This will help you still have control over what you are eating and will help improve your weight loss regimen considerably.
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